Thursday, August 27, 2009

shhh, the baby is sleeping

so, we have plans for going to Florida next weekend. It is a bit sooner than planned.
I read from Judy's blog, that grandmother is on hospice after being told she had a while. My heart is breaking. I have known some people who have died, however it never really affected me. Maybe because we are related. 
My father says they don't think she'll make it past this weekend. But Robert is unable to take leave on short notice and grandparents do not count for emergency leave. If she does not make it through the week, then I hope having Lily around the family will make things a little better. 
Grandma is someone who could not see bad in anything, she always had a smile and something nice to say. I know, we all know, those are the people who are usually the saddest. I am sure during this whole ordeal, she remained positive.
Since this is the first time in a while I have been able to post, I am going to have a lot to say. Lily is sleeping for now...
I just finished a card front swap and should recieve the other swaps this weekend. 
I think I might bring some crafting stuff with me to Florida to share with Judy.
Liz can't come with us because she does not have the money and can't take the time off. In addition, she loves to talk about "familiarity breeding contempt" and frankly being stuck in a car for 13 hours, I might commit homocide... LOL. But, since she quit her second job, she can stay at the house and watch the dogs, which relieves us from paying for kennel fees and the boys don't like going to the vet if they don't have to. Plus she gets to get away from her place for a while and use a kitchen and have a clean house. We just have to tell her how to take the boys out. Since we installed the storm door and have new neighbors with a dog, our dogs are ummm, a bit wierd. We have to encourage them to go potty and if they don't, they go back into their room. We have learned that they will go in the house
The house is still for sale... big surprise there... LOL. But we are not stressing it. We have a very small mortgage and our house is fine. We just wanted to have a detached home closer to work. We decided we won't lower the price again unless Rob has orders out of the area and we need to sell. But, that probably won't happen.
Some things I am looking forward to when we go to Florida are the warm beaches and seeing family. I have some family from my father's side that live in the same town. We are staying in base lodging while we are there. It only costs $27 a night. I think some of the rooms have internet, if ours does not, it is not a big deal. We can always use my parents... LOL. Can't go without my facebook and coastie chicks