Monday, July 26, 2010

Heated Emotions

Wow! This past week was HOT! I think the month went in the record books for least amount of rain and most days in the 100's! The heat can lead to bad tempers

I took DD to Gymboree on Wednesday to make up the day she missed. The instructor brought out some hoops and she was in heaven. DD loved the hoops. She also liked the balls... So, Saturday, we are back on our regular day and the instructor is blowing bubbles and having the kids pop them. DD sees the hoops hanging on the wall and wanted them. Since she could not reach them, she threw herself on the ground and started crying. She was having a meltdown. I tried to distract her from the hoops with the bubbles, but she was not having any of that. So I scooped her up and left. I was not going to let her meltdown ruin the other kids and parents day.
I know she is still young, but I don't want her becoming a spoiled brat

So quite a few people I know are having issues/ended relationships. It got me to thinking. I told DH that I want to work on our relationship because I don't want it to end. I know there are various phases of a relationship and most people leave after the euphoric stage has gone. I am reading "The Five Languages of Love" and learning more on how to keep our relationship good.

Ican't really think of anything else

Friday, July 9, 2010


Time to update!

Went to the rheumatologist today. The hospital changed all the signs and now none of the signs direct to each specialty clinic... not a big deal for me since I've been going for years, but could be a big hassle for new patients.
The doctor is concerned that my lupus is acting up again. She's been pretty patient with me in the fact that I don't want to take any meds while nursing. She did want to know when I plan on stopping nursing because she does not want my condition to get out of control. I told her ideally 18 months, but we shall see.
She asked about my lymphnodes because she could see in my record there was a test done. She said with my condition and swollen lymphs that I am a candidate to get cancer! OMG! Not another thing to worry me about! So today, I had a butt ton of labs done.
It started to rain on my drive back to work and I decided to go home. My body is in so much pain from my arthritis and DD not sleeping well and then I had a huge headache from the rain pressure. I went home and had a nice nap.
So, DH has been home a week. Does he think I am supposed to empty his luggage/bags and put them away? Does he think he is still living in a hotel? OMG! Everytime I see his luggage I want to punch him so bad. I am going to put it away this weekend. He's been home and the house has become cluttered. I was letting it slide since he just got home... but he's been home for a week, only worked one half day. Can you do some chores around the house? One would think that with another adult, the household chores would seem less... No! It seems I have more crap to do. At least he is making dinner, even if it comes with a collossal mess!
I go back to school in September. I am re-starting my Master's in Education, but not in elementary education, it will be Instruction and Human Improvement... more of the behind the scenes with curriculum development. This go round, I am paying for it out of pocket since I have used my VA benefits. I know I could use DH's, but I don't think that is fair. He needs to either use it or transfer it to DD. So, I applied for a FASFA loan and since we make too much, I was only qualified for the worst type of loan... no grants or anything. At first, I was excited, I could go to school full time and finish quickly. But then I started to think... I don't want to go into major debt for schooling. CG has tuition assistance which pays a portion and then I am going to pay the rest. So instead of going to school full time, I am going when we can afford it. It may take longer, but I know I won't be deep in debt when I am done.