Tuesday, September 29, 2009

diamonds and trees

Trying to be optimistic

A family came and looked at our home yesterday. They are deciding between ours and another in Virginia Beach. The one in Virginia Beach is closer to the place of employment. However, we hope the price of ours beats out the location... we shall see

so, ha ha... have to laugh

My friend Audrey has blocked me from reading her journal. She is a fair weather friend. Only good when I am there for her. Since I am not getting involved in the tift between she and Jessica, she has decided to write me off as well... oh well... what can you do?

While writing this, I just realized... I have been there for her, but never asked her for anything for me. Perhaps this friendship was one sided... hmmm... oh well... whatever

So, Lucy from Lucy in the sky with diamonds has passed. She suffered from lupus. She was 46. I wonder if that is how long I will live. I should research to find out the average age of death for someone who suffers from lupus. It is sad... If I die at that age, Lily will only be 16.

I am just thinking about that because I have not been feeling very well. My body is in so much pain. I find it difficult to breath at times. But I don't want to worry anyone, so I come to work with a smile on my face and a sunny disposition. Most days I just want to stay in bed.

Did I write about this season? It shall be busy. Starting this weekend.

Lily has swim class on Saturdays until November and I just may reenroll her again. So, this Saturday, we have swim class, craft in pink camp, and a baby shower. On Sunday, I want to go to Newport News to the folk fair. Next weekend, I might go visit Jessica. I hope to, it depends on how I am feeling and if Rob says I can go. The following weekend, I want to go to the outlets. Lily needs some clothes for the cooler weather. She only has dresses and onesies. Then the 25th, we are going to the Hampton Convention center to the paper and scrap fair to buy tons of supplies. I think I am going to give myself $100 spending limit. I think there are a few craft fairs in November as well. We also want to go to Busch Gardens for the Christmas thing. Whew... so much...

I want to get Lily those babylegs. They are leg warmers for babies. That way she can still wear dresses in the winter and it will be easy to change her diaper. In addition, when she starts crawling, she won't hurt her knees on our wood floors.

So, this is what I think I want for Christmas...

more calendars... I like funny stuff

2010 insert for my franklin covey planner... I mainly want the calendar, I don't need all the days... that is too thick

new mp3 thing for the car, since I gave mine to Rob

A house

and that is all I can think of for now

Saturday, September 26, 2009

nom nom

Lily trying butternut squash

Lily has been eating since she was 4 months old. She has tried bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, turnips, and butternut squash. Today was her butternut squash day. She seemed to enjoy it.

I have been making most of her food. I enjoy being able to do this and it is so easy and cost effective. For the butternut squash, I just cut it into small cubes and boiled the cubes. I drained after the cubes were soft and blended with breast milk. I put the excess in an ice tray and will put them in baggies once they are frozen.

... and one more thing...

I forgot to mention the stats for Lily's 6 month appointment

She weighed 17 pounds and 6 ounces, so she is in the 80th percentile
She is 25 3/4 inches, so she is in the 75th percentile
yeah, my baby girl is big
But she is happy and healthy and will probably thin out once she becomes mobile
and her daddy's side of the family is tall, so she may tower over me

Friday, September 25, 2009

is it war and peace?

Man, I suck at updating!!

Lily is 6 months old and has a tooth. She can sit unassisted and likes her exersaucer. We went down to Florida for a vacation and for Lily and Rob to meet my side of the family. Lily's grandparents and Great-grandparents were so happy to meet her. Lily shares her birthday with a cousin. I am not sure how it works... but my cousin's daughter shares the birthday with my daughter... are they cousins? I don't know...

The house is still for sale... We noticed that the lady with all the kids ... well, the kids were not hanging out anymore. I asked my neighbor and he said that she moved... she has 8 kids! Yikes. I knew she seemed to always be pregnant.
Well anywho... Rob and I were just thinking how the kids and mister forty were not around and that would make the neighborhood not look so bad... We spoke too soon. All of a sudden a bunch of teenage boys are loitering in the cul de sac. These boys don't live on our street. And they look like hoodlums with the clothes falling off and the foul mouths. They don't know what a garbage can looks like. They think the world is their garbage can. Totally pisses me off.
Well, the other day, someone wanted to look at the house... and what do you know, the kids are loitering about and the cul de sac is a parking lot. There is a man working on about 3 cars in the street. If we were the potential buyers, I would not have even stopped the car. I would have kept on going. But these people came in the house.
We have lowered the price once again. We really want out of there. We like the house, we just don't like having to park on the street and how the street becomes a parking lot. We don't like the kids disrespecting property by breaking people's things and leaving garbage all over the place. We are ready for a detatched home in a nice neighborhood. We don't want to go any lower because we need to pay off Rob's car in order to take on a larger mortgage payment and not give up the lifestyle we have now. I am going to go over our budget and really not spend too much. Put the extra money towards paying the car off sooner. It sucks because Christmas is just around the corner. But, we are not going all out. Lily is too young, so we are only going to get her a few things. I am going to get Rob a few games and maybe a light sabre. I am not posting what I'll be getting my siblings, since they read this... LOL
Liz informed me last night that she is leaving in December. It totally threw me off guard. I realize she is unhappy and I hope this is the right decision for her. I really enjoyed having her around.
Well, I was thinking about making another blog for my crafty stuff. We shall see. I was not sure if I should mix family with crafting...
So, Audrey and Jessica are not friends anymore. Jessica got sick of Audrey's shenanigans. Audrey was selfish with her time here. The two of them shared a hotel room while they were down for the shower and planned on doing the girlie things at night. All Audrey did was talk on her cell phone to the guy she was having an affair with. She'd stay up on the phone until 2 or 3 in the morning. And then Audrey started ignoring Jessica. She did not allow her to be friends on facebook and some other stuff. Jessica got pissed and sent an email. Audrey sent an email "apologizing" for the behavior. But it was not an apology, it was a pity thing agreeing that people were mad at her... but she was not sorry. She has her head up her ass. All she cares about is herself. She is the "grass is greener" person. She had an emotional affair several times with David. The only reason why she did not leave Jay for David is because David does not look good in a uniform. Yeah, she only cares about appearances. She is always commenting on brand names and prices... I am glad David found someone who loves him for who he is (nerdy and all) and happy for him and his growing family. I was a little jealous at first that they got pregnant so quick. But, I am so happy. Lily was totally worth the wait.
oh yeah, got distracted. Audrey is realizing that maybe divorcing Jay and marrying Eric weeks later was not such a good idea. That her libido was telling her they were soul mates. Now she can't stand Eric's neediness and she has the mother in law from hell... LOL. I am so thankful Rob's mom is not like that. She tried to say that she was doing the same thing as me... I was like... Umm NO! I was not cheating on my husband and then get married weeks later. My marriage was over way before Rob and I got together and we had no intentions on getting married. Things just happened to work the other way. We have been married for 8 years.
Speaking of the other life... Liz and I ran into him the other day. He came up to me and I put my hand out to shake his hand, but he grabbed me and hugged me. A little awkward. Liz gave him the evil eye. She hates men and hold grudges. I am past it. I am in a great relationship with the man I love. and a little part of me takes happiness in knowing the ex just had his 3rd divorce... I know that is evil
So, I've been casually looking at jobs. I think I am overqualified for my current position and there is no possiblity of promotion in this position. I would like challenges and more money. I like my supervisors and the flexibility. Well anywho, a colleague from Yorktown told me about two positions opening up there soon. I am going to apply. They both pay more than what I am making now and I won't be the copy girl. When the job gets posted, I will find out more info. And if I get selected for an interview I'll find out about teleworking and how flexible they are since I do have an infant and will be about an hour away from her. I know most of the people who work there and like them, so that is a good thing.

Ok, I guess this is a good enough update.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the (in)sanity

Just posting this for my memory later

started my first period post partum today
nearly 6 months after the birth of Lily

and NO! I did not have a mess