Sunday, January 31, 2010

toot toot

Well, we had the big snowstorm of the past two decades. Lily is a bit too young, so I just sat her in the snow for a photo op and the brought her back in and changed her into dry, warm clothes.

Today Rob had to shovel a path from the door to the cars and also just get the snow off the cars. We did not have a shovel so I was going to use either the pooper scooper or the rake... but they have been outside since who knows when, that they handles were so corroded, they broke after a few shovels... so he got inventive and used the lid of a garbage can. I guess it worked.

She did well for her first week at Dailys. They are still getting used to each other and creating a schedule. Dailys was surprised her son was not jealous of her holding Lily. He seems like a laid back kid.
Things work out for both of us. We have another sitter. She is able to earn some money without it all going to daycare and her son won't get sick as often. In addition, her husband is able to relax when he gets home from work instead of taking care of the kids and homework and making dinner.

Today Rob had to shovel a path from the door to the cars and also just get the snow off the cars. We did not have a shovel so I was going to use either the pooper scooper or the rake... but they have been outside since who knows when, that they handles were so corroded, they broke after a few shovels... so he got inventive and used the lid of a garbage can. I guess it worked.

I have been feeling blah for a while and not really understanding why. I think I am depressed. The house has been on the market for over 6 months and no offers. I am tired of bending over backwards for people to come look at the house and then waste our time by not buying it. I have had to put so much stuff on hold. I wanted to go back to school this semester, but I don't want this house stressing me out. I want to craft, but can't because someone wants to look at the house.
After bringing the baby monitor with us and hearing comments... I've come to believe that a lot of people are racist. The color of the skin of your neighbors dictates the quality of the neighborhood. I did not realize that before. I would assume that the crime rate or maybe the predator list would dictate that, but no... it's the color of one's skin. We don't have any predators that live on our street and i think the closest is over a mile away. Once in a while, we might have cop for other than patrol and it is something domestic, not really a crime

Did our income tax return this year and we are getting a bit of money. We aren't getting as much as a lot of other people, since we are in a higher tax bracket and we can't claim child care expenses. But with our return we are going to get a dining room table. With my state return, I bought some stampin stuff.

I started weight watchers. I got lazy thinking as long as I breastfeed, I could eat whatever... yeah right, she does not nurse as often as she did, so now I must watch what i am eating. I also busted out the wii fit and had fun playing with that. I like the hula hoop

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mixing it up Old School

On Facebook and CC, we were showing old photos. I uploaded these and they look so much like Lily. My Little girl is a Mini me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Nerd

I saw this on Etsy and had to get it. Rob is a huge Star Wars nut. He collects the action figures and reads the books.

Lily loves books. With her walker, she is able to get around. She went up to her book case and pulled the books out.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

make it through the winter

While Lily is down for her nap, I'll give a quick post.

We had someone come look at the house today. We decided to bring the baby monitor to listen to what the potential buyers would say. We use the master bedroom as a game room and the loft as a master bedroom. We did this so we would not be too far from Lily, although she sleeps in our bed, but anywho. The people liked the wood floors but did not like the open master bedroom... well, duh, it's the loft, you can change it to how you want. The agent reminded them that for the price and the house being move in ready, they should still consider it. But then we heard someone mentioning that they saw "colored" people and that it not being a nice neighborhood. What the hell, just because black people live here, all of a sudden, it's a bad neighborhood. I don't want to live where you live, you racist trailer trash! I think my neighbors next door who are renting are trailer trash... they have an above ground pool that they used maybe twice... it is full of green slush and probably frozen... they have furniture on the porch, don't know if they are too lazy to walk it to the curb or they were just making room in the house. Either way, it looks awful and they are making our house look bad.

I should start using that wii fit, I am just so freakin' lazy. I guess I could and have Lily laugh at me.

Lily is getting her 3rd and 4th teeth. They are the top ones over her first two teeth.

I went to the hygenist yesterday, I am bad about flossing. My hygenist recommended having the floss where I am most of the time and not in the bathroom. So, I have it at my computer desk to remind me to floss. Don't want my teeth falling out. I don't have any cavaties though.

Dailys submitted her two-week notice so she can start taking care of Lily. She was hating the job and thinking about quitting. She will actually make money because right now, her kids are in day care and that costs a lot. Ray Lee is happy that we did find someone and she is even ecstatic that Dailys lives in the same neighborhood so she can still visit with Lily.

I guess I should get back to making my grocery list and do my cards... Yikes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

When a door closes, a window opens

We received some sad news this afternoon.
Ray Lee has some medical issues and her doctor does not want her lifting heavy items. She won't be able to care for Lily anymore. Lily weighs over 20 pounds.
We are fortunate that Rob's co-worker's wife, Dailys is going to do it. She currently works for the Navy day care and hates it. She is part time and does not like the hours they give her. She had been thinking about quitting. Now, she can. She submitted her two week notice. And the better thing is that she lives in the same area that Ray Lee does, so Ray Lee can still see Lily. Maybe when Lily starts walking on her own, Ray Lee can care for her, I don't know.

We pray that Ray Lee's procedure goes well and that she does better health wise. We've been so lucky to have her and will miss her.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, Sunday starts a new week, right? According to Calendars, it does...

So, let's see...

We got Lily a walker. I really did not want to get one because they supposedly don't help the baby walk. I got it for her so she can move around. She almost crawling, she gets stuck in the oddest places. I figure a walker might be a better place for her. She seems to like it.

I think she is teething or something. She has been extra clingy.

We are giving our coffee table to Liz, so I laid it on its side out of the way, so we can get used to not having one. I was doing some reorganizing and cleaning. And then someone wanted to come look at the house, so I had to put the coffee table back. I doubt those people are going to buy. We did not get a phone call... it sucks. I want to say the parking and the size is the main reason we want to move. We need more space for Lily.

I think next payday, we are going to get a dining room table and start eating there instead of in front of the tv. We are also going to get rid of this huge computer desk. I just may see if I can borrow the truck from the storage rental place and put it in storage instead of throwing it out. I know Rob wants it for the next house. I just think it is so huge for the area it is in now, that people might think the house is too small.

I need to work on my card front swap. I already designed the cards, just need to pump out 17 of them. I will start that today, while Lily is napping. I also got some filing boxes so I can store my paper in a neater way.

We have been shopping around for a while, maybe a few years, I don't know. We are looking for a couch or sectional with removable cushions and a nice fabric/design. It's so hard to find what we want.

Well, the baby cries...

Friday, January 1, 2010

New day to a new year

Today is the beginning of 2010. A new year in a new decade.

Did not do much yesterday. Heck, I was laying in bed by 8pm. Tired and getting the baby to sleep.

Some of my goals for this year are to hopefully sell this house, continue being a good mommy to Lily, find a more meaningful job, and to start saving for our Alaskan cruise for our 10 year anniversary in 2011. I know it is over a year away, but those are expensive.

I am looking forward to Lily's first birthday! I will get a special cake made just for her. I don't want her eating sweets if she is not used to it. There is a bakery near by that I will see what they have to offer. By doing this I am also supporting small business in the local economy.

I hope to try to be more.... what's the word? I don't know... I will try to post at least once a week of what is going on and share photos.

I am going to work more on my crafts. Since Lily is getting older, it is a little easier in the sense that she is not attached to me, but harder since she is into everything!

So, I won't be going to nurse her during my lunch hour anymore. Just once in a while. She really does not need me to do it. And the last few times, it was very short and she wanted to go back to playing.

Since it seems like we will be in this house forever... we are going to try to utilize what little space we have. We are going to get a sectional couch and some other things. It sucks because of the economy. And the other city is offering 30k to qualified buyers in addition to the 8k... so although we have had a lot of people come look, they have gone elsewhere.
People also don't like our neighborhood. I don't know why. It may not be the prettiest, but there have not been stolen gps and other items like the so called "nice" neighborhoods.