Sunday, May 23, 2010

sitting time

We are getting our new couch from Ikea tomorrow. I am staying home in the morning for the arrival. We have to assemble it, but Rob and do that when we get home from work.
After we do that, we are going to get matching end tables and a rug for the living room.
We were waiting to purchase anything until after we got the bill from VW. We turned the car in and were waiting on the final amount due. I called and they said we only owed the $350. We were happy about that. The car had some scratches and our ghetto neighbors keyed it a few years ago, but it passed inspection.
We are saving up for a new car, well, a downpayment. We may just buy used, since the value drops so dramatically. We are not sure yet what we want. We want something large enough for when we have guests or when we add to the family and also something that can carry the dogs or other cargo.

another name that rhymes with silly

It has been quite a while since I last blogged

Let's see... I have not touched my craft room in a while. It is so hard during the week to get anything done. We get home from work and I nurse Lily and then it's dinner time, and then bath time, and then bedtime. Lily needs me to fall asleep, so I am attached to her.

This past weekend, she was not feeling well. She was cranky since Wednesday. Could not seem to get into a comfortable position. On Thursday night/Friday morning, she did not go to sleep until 3 am after she had a BM. We figured, her tummy hurt. I dropped Rob and Lily off and then went back home to bed. On Saturday morning, I was getting her ready to go to Dominick's birthday party and she felt warm. I took her temp, and she had a fever. At the same time, Rob had a duty call. So I dropped him off at the base and took her to a medical appointment. The dr checked her ears and she did not have an ear infection, he checked her throat and swabbed it because it was red, but it came back negative for strep throat. And then he had to check for a UTI. That was not fun. Especially since it came back negative. The dr thought it was a virus and to give her some tylenol. He initially said motrin, but she has surgery scheduled for Friday, so she can't have ibueprofin. She seems much better today. Back to her normal self with the addition of explosive sharts!

Monday, May 10, 2010


My Mother's Day was nice and quiet.

I woke up early and cut the lawn. I wanted to because the weather was supposed to be cool. I may have irritated the neighbors because it was about 0830 when I started.

After that, I took a shower and took a nap with Lily. And while we napped, there was a delivery. Lily had edible arrangements delivered! They were quite yummy.

Rob did not whine about me wanting to do more clearing of the garage. We have a lot of stuff that we are donating.

For dinner, Rob made guacamole burgers! They were great!

The best part is getting the biggest smiles from my little girl


Here are some photos of Lily that Dailys took. She emailed them to my work computer and I got locked out of Flickr, so I decided to post them here.

Climbing The Stairs

Eating Spaghettio's

Afternoon Snack with Dominik


Saturday, May 8, 2010


We finally did it!

After several years of looking for a couch, we finally ordered one. We had looked at various furniture stores and could not find what we were looking for.
We wanted either a sofa or a sectional with fabric that could be cleaned and something removable.
I posted on a forum that I wanted help finding a couch and several people recommended Ikea. I don't know anything about Ikea since I've never been in one and the closest one is about 3 hours away. I looked online and found this couch. It has removable covers that are machine washable!
We really wanted something like that because of the dogs shedding and Lily is getting at the age where she likes to be independent which results in MESSES!
Our couch should be arriving the last week of May.