Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Four Weeks

Well, Lily is 11 months today.

Where has the time gone?

She is getting photos tomorrow for her birthday. We were going to do them this past Monday, but she was sick so I took her to the pediatrician instead.
She is doing much better

and to toot my own horn
I've been breastfeeding her the 11 months!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

flare, runny nose, tonsils, oh my

Sorry, It's been a while since my last post

Well, it was bound to happen. Lily has her first cold at 10.5 months. I guess that is pretty good going that long. Ah the benefits of breast feeding. She has a runny nose which can be bothersome at bedtime since she can't breath through her nose and her mouth is occupied with a nipple. Thursday evening was awful. She could not sleep which meant I could not sleep. I was so exhausted and I am already having a lupus flare, so I did not go to work Friday.

She still does not want to crawl. She will get in the position, but then goes backwards. She'll do it when she is ready.

I started a weight loss challenge and started weight watchers. I lost about 4 pounds. I say about, since there were two different scales. My first weigh in was using the one at the dr office, but now I will just use the one at home. My goal is to lose 20 pounds during the spring.

I am excited for the Spring. I signed up for the Community Supported Agriculture in our area. We are getting 25 weeks of fresh fruits and vegetables for about $19 a week. This comes from a farm in Chesapeake, so we are eating fresh and supporting our local farmers. And the produce that is not picked up for whatever reason is donated to the elderly who are confined to their homes.

We are thinking about what kind of vehicle we want to get. My lease is up soon, the last payment is in April. We won't lease again. We are weighing options between another suv, mini van, or a full size truck with a cab. We want something large enough to carry everyone and if we have another kid, the dogs, and able to transport stuff. For a while, we were considering an SUV, but realized, they actually don't have much cargo space, then we started thinking about a minivan, but lately, we think a full size truck might work. The dogs could go in the back and not annoy us.

We are taking Lily on Monday to get her 1 year portraits taken. I know she won't be 11 months yet, however, by the time we get the photos and mail them out to family and friends, she will be nearly 1. I am making little pocket cards to hold the photos.

My sister has a tonsilectomy scheduled for Thursday. Her tonsils are so huge, they are touching. The doctor made a comment about being surprised she was still alive. She had been having terrible headaches and I told her to go to the dr. She was worried if they found something wrong and I told her to think positive, if they say you are going to die, you'll know and try to be a better person... I know I am morbid... but anywho, the reason for her headaches, they think anyways, is lack of sleep. She is unable to sleep because of those huge tonsils.

And finally, we ordered a dining room table. Wednesday shall be our last night eating in front of the tv. We are excited. We had been shopping around for a while and found something a few months ago, but wanted to wait until we sold the house. Since that is not happening any time soon, we just used some of our income tax return.
Now, we just need to find the perfect couch/sectional...