Wednesday, October 20, 2010

little update

Wow! It has been too long since I last blogged... A lot has happened.
I will try to upload photos later

DD started walking at 16.5 months! She is all over the place now. And she is talking and mimicking. She likes to do things her way or she throws a fit! I guess we will have to deal with this until she turns 3!
We just got back from Colorado. DD visited her Nana for the first time. The reason why it was her first visit was because our home was on the market and then I was in the middle of my busy season at work. We had a great visit. We went to the Pueblo zoo, the North Pole. We even visited some friends of Nana who built an earth home. It was so neat. It was built from old tires.

I am going to Florida next month so my father can see his grand baby. He has not seen her since last September. Just going to be DD and me, as DH is done with traveling. He has been on the road since we sold our home. He is worried that I won't be able to handle DD by myself in the airport, but I will be fine.

I would blog about the drama going on, but then that would mean keeping the drama around and it is not worth blogging about.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heated Emotions

Wow! This past week was HOT! I think the month went in the record books for least amount of rain and most days in the 100's! The heat can lead to bad tempers

I took DD to Gymboree on Wednesday to make up the day she missed. The instructor brought out some hoops and she was in heaven. DD loved the hoops. She also liked the balls... So, Saturday, we are back on our regular day and the instructor is blowing bubbles and having the kids pop them. DD sees the hoops hanging on the wall and wanted them. Since she could not reach them, she threw herself on the ground and started crying. She was having a meltdown. I tried to distract her from the hoops with the bubbles, but she was not having any of that. So I scooped her up and left. I was not going to let her meltdown ruin the other kids and parents day.
I know she is still young, but I don't want her becoming a spoiled brat

So quite a few people I know are having issues/ended relationships. It got me to thinking. I told DH that I want to work on our relationship because I don't want it to end. I know there are various phases of a relationship and most people leave after the euphoric stage has gone. I am reading "The Five Languages of Love" and learning more on how to keep our relationship good.

Ican't really think of anything else

Friday, July 9, 2010


Time to update!

Went to the rheumatologist today. The hospital changed all the signs and now none of the signs direct to each specialty clinic... not a big deal for me since I've been going for years, but could be a big hassle for new patients.
The doctor is concerned that my lupus is acting up again. She's been pretty patient with me in the fact that I don't want to take any meds while nursing. She did want to know when I plan on stopping nursing because she does not want my condition to get out of control. I told her ideally 18 months, but we shall see.
She asked about my lymphnodes because she could see in my record there was a test done. She said with my condition and swollen lymphs that I am a candidate to get cancer! OMG! Not another thing to worry me about! So today, I had a butt ton of labs done.
It started to rain on my drive back to work and I decided to go home. My body is in so much pain from my arthritis and DD not sleeping well and then I had a huge headache from the rain pressure. I went home and had a nice nap.
So, DH has been home a week. Does he think I am supposed to empty his luggage/bags and put them away? Does he think he is still living in a hotel? OMG! Everytime I see his luggage I want to punch him so bad. I am going to put it away this weekend. He's been home and the house has become cluttered. I was letting it slide since he just got home... but he's been home for a week, only worked one half day. Can you do some chores around the house? One would think that with another adult, the household chores would seem less... No! It seems I have more crap to do. At least he is making dinner, even if it comes with a collossal mess!
I go back to school in September. I am re-starting my Master's in Education, but not in elementary education, it will be Instruction and Human Improvement... more of the behind the scenes with curriculum development. This go round, I am paying for it out of pocket since I have used my VA benefits. I know I could use DH's, but I don't think that is fair. He needs to either use it or transfer it to DD. So, I applied for a FASFA loan and since we make too much, I was only qualified for the worst type of loan... no grants or anything. At first, I was excited, I could go to school full time and finish quickly. But then I started to think... I don't want to go into major debt for schooling. CG has tuition assistance which pays a portion and then I am going to pay the rest. So instead of going to school full time, I am going when we can afford it. It may take longer, but I know I won't be deep in debt when I am done.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling like a failure

It sucks... I want to enroll DD in some sort of class to build up her coordination. We have Gymboree and The Little Gym in the area, but sadly, most of the classes are offered during the day. It's like they don't think the parents who have to work during the day want to spend quality time with thier kids, or maybe they think they can't afford it since they have to work, or if they can afford it, send the nanny to take the kids. It's not fair... I don't want to spend a lot of money to only be able to go one day a week when I could go more for the same price.
This just makes me feel even worse because I am not a stay at home mom... as much as I love my child, I don't want to stay home all day. I enjoy working and earning money. I just don't like feeling inadequate because of our choices.
I feel like it's my fault she is delayed with walking and maybe why she has the eye problem. I am broken so she is broken

Taco Taco Night

Imagine that sung to the tune of
Macho, Macho Man!

DH should be home Friday and I get my taco night back


Friday, June 25, 2010

Fingers Crossed

One more week... DH will be home
He can finish setting up his room and I can finish organizing the craft room and then we can buy some more book cases... I could probably just order them off a website, which I might do since we probably could not fit them in the back of the car anyways... not with a carseat

Tomorrow is the neighborhood yard sale and I am getting rid of a lot of stuff... as I was unpacking, I saw so much stuff that I have no desire to use anymore and I don't want them taking space in the house... so out they go. What we don't sell, I will either donate it or try to sell it on ebay... the games will get sold, no giving those away

This Sunday, I think I will be brave and take DD to see Toy Story 3. She really enjoys the toys and has seen the other two movies several times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This might be a long update

So, It's been a while since I last updated

Where shall I start first...

7 days and a wake-up!
Hubby should be coming home. He was down there for 16 days twiddling his thumbs before he was given a job. Now he works 12 hour days. I don't think he minds it too much since he is doing something and is in the a/c.

Waving the White Flag!
So, I finally broke down and hired someone to take care of my lawn. With hubby gone, it was very difficult to take care of the lawn and the baby at the same time. E would come over, but when she did, it was still too hot. I was trying to do it all. I have to stop and convince myself it is ok that I don't do everything, I have lupus. Some people need motivation to get off thier asses, I need motivation to stop. The guy will come by weekly for $35 a week. Not to bad, we were payign $20 at our last home and the yard was much smaller. It's one thing I don't need to worry about.

Belly Aches
I think DD might have some sort of intolerance to food dye. At first, I was thinking lactose because her tummy got upset after she had mac and cheese. I posted on a forum and someone mentioned yellow food dye. This makes sense since she has no problems with milk, yogurt, and the hubby's homemade mac and cheese. We are going to see her pediatrician to seee if this could be an issue.

Crazy Eyes
Well, her eyes are looking crossed again. The surgeon said sometimes they have to do the surgery again. So, I am going to contact his office and the insurance company to find out what we need to do.

I feel like I am in a haze... I think I must be depressed. I feel very disgruntled at work. I keep my smile and do what I need to do, but I just don't enjoy it anymore. I am starting school in September, so hopefully, I will start feeling better. I also hope to get a new job... one has to be advertised, I must apply and get the job... but you get the idea

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, DH has been gone a week. He suffered from kidney stones, but is doing better and will stay in NOLA.

DD does not seem to be affected by his absence, I guess because she spends most of her time with me. So, the only thing that has changed for me is that I have to make dinner in addition to all the other things I did anyways.

The dogs will no longer sleep in the bedroom during the workweek. They get all excited about having to potty and eat that they would wake DD and I would not be able to shower. She sleeps so much better when they don't sleep in the room with us

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can You See What I See?

Lily's surgery went well. She was back to her normal self the following days. She has red eyes, but that is normal for the surgery.

I think she may have been one of the youngest kids in the playroom that day.

And the oldest kid... maybe 7 or 8... was stealing all the toys from the younger kids. Her parents were not even paying attention to her.
She took one of those little push buggies for babies and was riding around on it and fell... I secretly laughed and hoped she was there for a lobotomy... but nope, she was out very quick

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sitting time

We are getting our new couch from Ikea tomorrow. I am staying home in the morning for the arrival. We have to assemble it, but Rob and do that when we get home from work.
After we do that, we are going to get matching end tables and a rug for the living room.
We were waiting to purchase anything until after we got the bill from VW. We turned the car in and were waiting on the final amount due. I called and they said we only owed the $350. We were happy about that. The car had some scratches and our ghetto neighbors keyed it a few years ago, but it passed inspection.
We are saving up for a new car, well, a downpayment. We may just buy used, since the value drops so dramatically. We are not sure yet what we want. We want something large enough for when we have guests or when we add to the family and also something that can carry the dogs or other cargo.

another name that rhymes with silly

It has been quite a while since I last blogged

Let's see... I have not touched my craft room in a while. It is so hard during the week to get anything done. We get home from work and I nurse Lily and then it's dinner time, and then bath time, and then bedtime. Lily needs me to fall asleep, so I am attached to her.

This past weekend, she was not feeling well. She was cranky since Wednesday. Could not seem to get into a comfortable position. On Thursday night/Friday morning, she did not go to sleep until 3 am after she had a BM. We figured, her tummy hurt. I dropped Rob and Lily off and then went back home to bed. On Saturday morning, I was getting her ready to go to Dominick's birthday party and she felt warm. I took her temp, and she had a fever. At the same time, Rob had a duty call. So I dropped him off at the base and took her to a medical appointment. The dr checked her ears and she did not have an ear infection, he checked her throat and swabbed it because it was red, but it came back negative for strep throat. And then he had to check for a UTI. That was not fun. Especially since it came back negative. The dr thought it was a virus and to give her some tylenol. He initially said motrin, but she has surgery scheduled for Friday, so she can't have ibueprofin. She seems much better today. Back to her normal self with the addition of explosive sharts!

Monday, May 10, 2010


My Mother's Day was nice and quiet.

I woke up early and cut the lawn. I wanted to because the weather was supposed to be cool. I may have irritated the neighbors because it was about 0830 when I started.

After that, I took a shower and took a nap with Lily. And while we napped, there was a delivery. Lily had edible arrangements delivered! They were quite yummy.

Rob did not whine about me wanting to do more clearing of the garage. We have a lot of stuff that we are donating.

For dinner, Rob made guacamole burgers! They were great!

The best part is getting the biggest smiles from my little girl


Here are some photos of Lily that Dailys took. She emailed them to my work computer and I got locked out of Flickr, so I decided to post them here.

Climbing The Stairs

Eating Spaghettio's

Afternoon Snack with Dominik


Saturday, May 8, 2010


We finally did it!

After several years of looking for a couch, we finally ordered one. We had looked at various furniture stores and could not find what we were looking for.
We wanted either a sofa or a sectional with fabric that could be cleaned and something removable.
I posted on a forum that I wanted help finding a couch and several people recommended Ikea. I don't know anything about Ikea since I've never been in one and the closest one is about 3 hours away. I looked online and found this couch. It has removable covers that are machine washable!
We really wanted something like that because of the dogs shedding and Lily is getting at the age where she likes to be independent which results in MESSES!
Our couch should be arriving the last week of May.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

... Finally..

After closing on our new home 2 days later than anticipated and only spending two nights in our new home until we had to head to San Francisco, we are finally able to enjoy our home... sort of.

We are still unpacking and the internet is acting up. We can't seem to get the modem and router to communicate. We have Verizon DSL. We used to have Cox and before that we had DSL... we don't understand why we can't get the router to work.

So until we do, my internet access will be limited, as I have to fight with Rob to get computer time.

I will blog about my trip and everything else later...

Just wanted to post an update

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


That is how I feel about the situation... it seems to selfish to ask for good thoughts and prayers when there are people who could use good thoughts and prayers.

I hope everything goes as planned for the closing of the homes. Right now, we are scheduled to close on the home we are selling on Friday at 3 pm and then to close on the home we are purchasing on Tuesday at 2 pm. I am hoping that the buyer does not have any last minute issues. I also hope the movers can come tomorrow instead of Friday.
This whole thing is stressing me out.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

aahhhh, welcome to Virginia!

Don't you just love this time of the year. The flowers blooming and the wonderful covering of yellow dust all over everything.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm dying tomorrow...

Uggh, I don't know if I am ever going to get better. The stress is getting to me.
My diet is out the window, I have not been sleeping well, I hate work, and my health is not doing so well. All for what... a stupid house!

It seems like one setback after another.
We finally get two offers on our home and have to decide which one to go with. We were not profitting from either one. And then it takes forever to get word on the appraisal. When that's done, we learn that bank wants 4 paystubs from the buyer who just started a new job and only has 2 pay stubs... this could push closing back to the end of the month instead of the end of the week. And today... we learn the banks don't like the appraisal amount. They want justification for the appraisal!
I just hope that the sellers decide not to bail on us because we might close later than thought. And if the appraisal is off, I am going to scream.
My health has been suffering too. I had a swollen lymph since January. I finally saw the ENT and the results from my fine needle aspiration were uneventful and my lymph was not as swollen. They say it is most likely lupus related.
Lily is scheduled to see an opthamologist and an allergist. We think she might have a lazy eye and she may be allergic to penicillen.
She is crawling around all over the place. She likes to get in the dogs' water bowl. Yesterday, she pulled herself up into a standing position. My baby girl is growing up so fast! She is a pretty good eater; her favorite foods are cheesy poofs, yogurt, pancakes, rice krispy cereal, spaghettios.

I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right
Did I remember to sleep in
Take lots of pills
Commit irreversible sins
Did I at least try to kiss the prettiest girl
At the right time
Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine
Did I remember to say cheers
Did I at least try to make sure everybody had a good time
Had the best time
Did I remember to stay up late
Drinking for the fun
Drinking for the taste
Did I run outside to kiss the rain
Under electrical skies
I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right

Alkaline Trio - I'm Dying Tomorrow

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunny Day

Ok, maybe I am a bit of a drama queen.

It looks like everything is going as planned. For our new home, we just need to sell the current home and then we can close. The sellers will be out by 6 April... However, the buyers have run into a few obstacles. The main one being he changed jobs right before he put an offer on our home and the bank is needing 4 pay stubs when he only has 2. We hope that the underwriters will waive the 4 paystubs and go with the 2. If not, we won't move in until the end of April. It kind of sucks because I've set up utilities for the new home, the packers and cleaners are already scheduled to come in the current home, the dogs have boarding reservations and we have a hotel reservation. Hopefully on Monday, we will learn if the bank approved the waiver. If not, we will reschedule everything... yikes...
We may not go to San Fran if things get pushed back. It is fine, we have refundable tickets and can use that extra money for when we go to Colorado to visit Nana... I doubt Rob's dad would have made it to San Fran anyways.

Today was a nice day. We went up to Hampton to the Barnes and Noble. We like that area. It is so nice. We parked at the bookstore and decided to walk around and look at all the stores first and then do the bookstore last. When we made it through the other side, the park was set up for Alice in Wonderland... they were going to have an easter egg hunt. We decided to take our time in the area and eat lunch so we could go to the hunt... my idea... Rob did not want to. Well, when it was time for the hunt, they let the little kids go first, or else they would get nothing...
Well, we went, but got nothing... The parents were so greedy, grabbing all the eggs and filling the baskets... It was not a big deal... that's what you get with some people when it involves free stuff.... greedy bastards. And then they did not want to move out of the way to let everyone off the park, so they could set up for the older kids.

We ate a Mongolian grill. We saw the sign and decided that's what we wanted. As we were walking into the building, I noticed the sign said bd's mongolian grill and thought it was odd. When we went in, turned out I was the only Asian person inside the whole place. We were kind of put off by the Americanization of the place. The food tasted alright, but we won't be going again as it was not what we expect from a Mongolian grill.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hooked on phonics...

...obviously did not work for whoever put this sign together...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Public Service Announcement

So, I am not feeling too well and things are starting to bug me.
I have to take a break from coastie chicks because I find the material to be offensive
I am probably hormonal... but that's besides the point
I even find it hard to go on facebook as I have to read everyone's political stance

Just to share
The United States of America does not have an official language. You can stop getting your panties/whitie tighties all bunched up because you don't understand when someone is speaking in his or her native tongue. That person has every right to be in this country and reach for the American dream, whatever that may be. So if you don't like not knowing what someone is saying while she is fixing your nails or cooking your dinner... stay home. Don't come to these places of business... we know you go because they are cheaper...
And by the way, the world does not revolve around you, they aren't even talking about you. They have better things to talk about than your nasty ass cuticles or the loogie in your tea or whatever you think they did to your food
You might as well stay home and never leave or move to a compound where others like you can live.

I am beginning to dislike people of a certain race... why? They are filled with so much hate, that it is has spilled out. The white people who think they are better than everyone else and think they are good people and not racist... well, let me tell you, you are racist. With the little things you say, I catch it. Oh, you did not grow up in the south? Oh, your parents were not racist, how could you be? If I could record the evil words you say...

Black and Ghetto are not interchangeable
Asian covers more than Chinese

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clicking the Back Button

So, I've been getting annoyed with people lately. Most of the people I don't know personally, just know them virtually through forums or facebook.

On one forum, a member posted about being angry that friends were commenting on the fact that at least her husband has a job even if he is not getting a raise. She was upset, saying because her husband is military, they make huge sacrafices. And other wives starting joining in. Ummm, yeah, I get it. My husband was away on a ship... but I managed. It was not the end of the world. You know, there are other working people, not military who make less and recieve less benefits than the military and put thier lives on the line every day -- Police Officers and Fire Fighters are just a few... Maybe I am fortunate because my husband does get to come home every night or maybe because I was in the service, I know that he is safe and not messing around.

And I am really getting tired of racist people. Just because someone is Black and not wealthy, does not mean he is "ghetto".
a section of a city, esp. a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships.
The neighborhood I live in is a predominatley working class Black neighborhood. It is not a ghetto. My neighhors take pride in the homes they own!
And on facebook, just because your neighbor is Black, does not mean she is ghetto... because that means you are too... you racist... and don't offer her sweet tea and think she will cut you! People like you are the reason why racism is still around.

And... GYP! come on! No one fucking "gyped" you! You are insulting a whole race of people when you use that term! Try ripped off or something else.

So, instead of starting a war of words, I just simply click the back button and bite my tongue.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our House

Things look like they are moving along swiftly for our house.
We have an appraisal for our current home tomorrow morning. We are a little nervous, but our agent is going to fight for how much we are selling our home. That's the only thing that could break down the entire selling and buying experience.

There have not been any homes bought in our neighborhood in over a year, so there is nothing to compare our home to. The appraiser will have to go out several miles for a comparison.

The new home is very nice. It is in a great neighborhood and has a community pool.

I have so much stuff do between now and early April. Transfering services and canceling or starting up other services. I also want to have professional movers and cleaners.
Going to keep track of other expenses

Yo Dog!

My sister and I are on an informal quest to find the best hotdogs

So far we've been to two places during our lunch breaks at work.

The first place we went is Harvey's Hotdogs. It looks like it has been around for awhile... kind of like a hole in the wall place. That atmosphere was friendly and it seemed most of the patrons were regulars. The staff were very friendly.

The second place we went is Perfectly Frank. It is a new establishment and seemed cleaner than Harvey's. However, we were the only customers sitting and eating in. There were two people who had take out. The place also offered breakast items on the weekend and that will be nice once we move to our new home. I also liked the fact they offered french fries too

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Four Weeks

Well, Lily is 11 months today.

Where has the time gone?

She is getting photos tomorrow for her birthday. We were going to do them this past Monday, but she was sick so I took her to the pediatrician instead.
She is doing much better

and to toot my own horn
I've been breastfeeding her the 11 months!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

flare, runny nose, tonsils, oh my

Sorry, It's been a while since my last post

Well, it was bound to happen. Lily has her first cold at 10.5 months. I guess that is pretty good going that long. Ah the benefits of breast feeding. She has a runny nose which can be bothersome at bedtime since she can't breath through her nose and her mouth is occupied with a nipple. Thursday evening was awful. She could not sleep which meant I could not sleep. I was so exhausted and I am already having a lupus flare, so I did not go to work Friday.

She still does not want to crawl. She will get in the position, but then goes backwards. She'll do it when she is ready.

I started a weight loss challenge and started weight watchers. I lost about 4 pounds. I say about, since there were two different scales. My first weigh in was using the one at the dr office, but now I will just use the one at home. My goal is to lose 20 pounds during the spring.

I am excited for the Spring. I signed up for the Community Supported Agriculture in our area. We are getting 25 weeks of fresh fruits and vegetables for about $19 a week. This comes from a farm in Chesapeake, so we are eating fresh and supporting our local farmers. And the produce that is not picked up for whatever reason is donated to the elderly who are confined to their homes.

We are thinking about what kind of vehicle we want to get. My lease is up soon, the last payment is in April. We won't lease again. We are weighing options between another suv, mini van, or a full size truck with a cab. We want something large enough to carry everyone and if we have another kid, the dogs, and able to transport stuff. For a while, we were considering an SUV, but realized, they actually don't have much cargo space, then we started thinking about a minivan, but lately, we think a full size truck might work. The dogs could go in the back and not annoy us.

We are taking Lily on Monday to get her 1 year portraits taken. I know she won't be 11 months yet, however, by the time we get the photos and mail them out to family and friends, she will be nearly 1. I am making little pocket cards to hold the photos.

My sister has a tonsilectomy scheduled for Thursday. Her tonsils are so huge, they are touching. The doctor made a comment about being surprised she was still alive. She had been having terrible headaches and I told her to go to the dr. She was worried if they found something wrong and I told her to think positive, if they say you are going to die, you'll know and try to be a better person... I know I am morbid... but anywho, the reason for her headaches, they think anyways, is lack of sleep. She is unable to sleep because of those huge tonsils.

And finally, we ordered a dining room table. Wednesday shall be our last night eating in front of the tv. We are excited. We had been shopping around for a while and found something a few months ago, but wanted to wait until we sold the house. Since that is not happening any time soon, we just used some of our income tax return.
Now, we just need to find the perfect couch/sectional...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

toot toot

Well, we had the big snowstorm of the past two decades. Lily is a bit too young, so I just sat her in the snow for a photo op and the brought her back in and changed her into dry, warm clothes.

Today Rob had to shovel a path from the door to the cars and also just get the snow off the cars. We did not have a shovel so I was going to use either the pooper scooper or the rake... but they have been outside since who knows when, that they handles were so corroded, they broke after a few shovels... so he got inventive and used the lid of a garbage can. I guess it worked.

She did well for her first week at Dailys. They are still getting used to each other and creating a schedule. Dailys was surprised her son was not jealous of her holding Lily. He seems like a laid back kid.
Things work out for both of us. We have another sitter. She is able to earn some money without it all going to daycare and her son won't get sick as often. In addition, her husband is able to relax when he gets home from work instead of taking care of the kids and homework and making dinner.

Today Rob had to shovel a path from the door to the cars and also just get the snow off the cars. We did not have a shovel so I was going to use either the pooper scooper or the rake... but they have been outside since who knows when, that they handles were so corroded, they broke after a few shovels... so he got inventive and used the lid of a garbage can. I guess it worked.

I have been feeling blah for a while and not really understanding why. I think I am depressed. The house has been on the market for over 6 months and no offers. I am tired of bending over backwards for people to come look at the house and then waste our time by not buying it. I have had to put so much stuff on hold. I wanted to go back to school this semester, but I don't want this house stressing me out. I want to craft, but can't because someone wants to look at the house.
After bringing the baby monitor with us and hearing comments... I've come to believe that a lot of people are racist. The color of the skin of your neighbors dictates the quality of the neighborhood. I did not realize that before. I would assume that the crime rate or maybe the predator list would dictate that, but no... it's the color of one's skin. We don't have any predators that live on our street and i think the closest is over a mile away. Once in a while, we might have cop for other than patrol and it is something domestic, not really a crime

Did our income tax return this year and we are getting a bit of money. We aren't getting as much as a lot of other people, since we are in a higher tax bracket and we can't claim child care expenses. But with our return we are going to get a dining room table. With my state return, I bought some stampin stuff.

I started weight watchers. I got lazy thinking as long as I breastfeed, I could eat whatever... yeah right, she does not nurse as often as she did, so now I must watch what i am eating. I also busted out the wii fit and had fun playing with that. I like the hula hoop

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mixing it up Old School

On Facebook and CC, we were showing old photos. I uploaded these and they look so much like Lily. My Little girl is a Mini me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Nerd

I saw this on Etsy and had to get it. Rob is a huge Star Wars nut. He collects the action figures and reads the books.

Lily loves books. With her walker, she is able to get around. She went up to her book case and pulled the books out.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

make it through the winter

While Lily is down for her nap, I'll give a quick post.

We had someone come look at the house today. We decided to bring the baby monitor to listen to what the potential buyers would say. We use the master bedroom as a game room and the loft as a master bedroom. We did this so we would not be too far from Lily, although she sleeps in our bed, but anywho. The people liked the wood floors but did not like the open master bedroom... well, duh, it's the loft, you can change it to how you want. The agent reminded them that for the price and the house being move in ready, they should still consider it. But then we heard someone mentioning that they saw "colored" people and that it not being a nice neighborhood. What the hell, just because black people live here, all of a sudden, it's a bad neighborhood. I don't want to live where you live, you racist trailer trash! I think my neighbors next door who are renting are trailer trash... they have an above ground pool that they used maybe twice... it is full of green slush and probably frozen... they have furniture on the porch, don't know if they are too lazy to walk it to the curb or they were just making room in the house. Either way, it looks awful and they are making our house look bad.

I should start using that wii fit, I am just so freakin' lazy. I guess I could and have Lily laugh at me.

Lily is getting her 3rd and 4th teeth. They are the top ones over her first two teeth.

I went to the hygenist yesterday, I am bad about flossing. My hygenist recommended having the floss where I am most of the time and not in the bathroom. So, I have it at my computer desk to remind me to floss. Don't want my teeth falling out. I don't have any cavaties though.

Dailys submitted her two-week notice so she can start taking care of Lily. She was hating the job and thinking about quitting. She will actually make money because right now, her kids are in day care and that costs a lot. Ray Lee is happy that we did find someone and she is even ecstatic that Dailys lives in the same neighborhood so she can still visit with Lily.

I guess I should get back to making my grocery list and do my cards... Yikes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

When a door closes, a window opens

We received some sad news this afternoon.
Ray Lee has some medical issues and her doctor does not want her lifting heavy items. She won't be able to care for Lily anymore. Lily weighs over 20 pounds.
We are fortunate that Rob's co-worker's wife, Dailys is going to do it. She currently works for the Navy day care and hates it. She is part time and does not like the hours they give her. She had been thinking about quitting. Now, she can. She submitted her two week notice. And the better thing is that she lives in the same area that Ray Lee does, so Ray Lee can still see Lily. Maybe when Lily starts walking on her own, Ray Lee can care for her, I don't know.

We pray that Ray Lee's procedure goes well and that she does better health wise. We've been so lucky to have her and will miss her.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, Sunday starts a new week, right? According to Calendars, it does...

So, let's see...

We got Lily a walker. I really did not want to get one because they supposedly don't help the baby walk. I got it for her so she can move around. She almost crawling, she gets stuck in the oddest places. I figure a walker might be a better place for her. She seems to like it.

I think she is teething or something. She has been extra clingy.

We are giving our coffee table to Liz, so I laid it on its side out of the way, so we can get used to not having one. I was doing some reorganizing and cleaning. And then someone wanted to come look at the house, so I had to put the coffee table back. I doubt those people are going to buy. We did not get a phone call... it sucks. I want to say the parking and the size is the main reason we want to move. We need more space for Lily.

I think next payday, we are going to get a dining room table and start eating there instead of in front of the tv. We are also going to get rid of this huge computer desk. I just may see if I can borrow the truck from the storage rental place and put it in storage instead of throwing it out. I know Rob wants it for the next house. I just think it is so huge for the area it is in now, that people might think the house is too small.

I need to work on my card front swap. I already designed the cards, just need to pump out 17 of them. I will start that today, while Lily is napping. I also got some filing boxes so I can store my paper in a neater way.

We have been shopping around for a while, maybe a few years, I don't know. We are looking for a couch or sectional with removable cushions and a nice fabric/design. It's so hard to find what we want.

Well, the baby cries...

Friday, January 1, 2010

New day to a new year

Today is the beginning of 2010. A new year in a new decade.

Did not do much yesterday. Heck, I was laying in bed by 8pm. Tired and getting the baby to sleep.

Some of my goals for this year are to hopefully sell this house, continue being a good mommy to Lily, find a more meaningful job, and to start saving for our Alaskan cruise for our 10 year anniversary in 2011. I know it is over a year away, but those are expensive.

I am looking forward to Lily's first birthday! I will get a special cake made just for her. I don't want her eating sweets if she is not used to it. There is a bakery near by that I will see what they have to offer. By doing this I am also supporting small business in the local economy.

I hope to try to be more.... what's the word? I don't know... I will try to post at least once a week of what is going on and share photos.

I am going to work more on my crafts. Since Lily is getting older, it is a little easier in the sense that she is not attached to me, but harder since she is into everything!

So, I won't be going to nurse her during my lunch hour anymore. Just once in a while. She really does not need me to do it. And the last few times, it was very short and she wanted to go back to playing.

Since it seems like we will be in this house forever... we are going to try to utilize what little space we have. We are going to get a sectional couch and some other things. It sucks because of the economy. And the other city is offering 30k to qualified buyers in addition to the 8k... so although we have had a lot of people come look, they have gone elsewhere.
People also don't like our neighborhood. I don't know why. It may not be the prettiest, but there have not been stolen gps and other items like the so called "nice" neighborhoods.