Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

... Finally..

After closing on our new home 2 days later than anticipated and only spending two nights in our new home until we had to head to San Francisco, we are finally able to enjoy our home... sort of.

We are still unpacking and the internet is acting up. We can't seem to get the modem and router to communicate. We have Verizon DSL. We used to have Cox and before that we had DSL... we don't understand why we can't get the router to work.

So until we do, my internet access will be limited, as I have to fight with Rob to get computer time.

I will blog about my trip and everything else later...

Just wanted to post an update

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


That is how I feel about the situation... it seems to selfish to ask for good thoughts and prayers when there are people who could use good thoughts and prayers.

I hope everything goes as planned for the closing of the homes. Right now, we are scheduled to close on the home we are selling on Friday at 3 pm and then to close on the home we are purchasing on Tuesday at 2 pm. I am hoping that the buyer does not have any last minute issues. I also hope the movers can come tomorrow instead of Friday.
This whole thing is stressing me out.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

aahhhh, welcome to Virginia!

Don't you just love this time of the year. The flowers blooming and the wonderful covering of yellow dust all over everything.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm dying tomorrow...

Uggh, I don't know if I am ever going to get better. The stress is getting to me.
My diet is out the window, I have not been sleeping well, I hate work, and my health is not doing so well. All for what... a stupid house!

It seems like one setback after another.
We finally get two offers on our home and have to decide which one to go with. We were not profitting from either one. And then it takes forever to get word on the appraisal. When that's done, we learn that bank wants 4 paystubs from the buyer who just started a new job and only has 2 pay stubs... this could push closing back to the end of the month instead of the end of the week. And today... we learn the banks don't like the appraisal amount. They want justification for the appraisal!
I just hope that the sellers decide not to bail on us because we might close later than thought. And if the appraisal is off, I am going to scream.
My health has been suffering too. I had a swollen lymph since January. I finally saw the ENT and the results from my fine needle aspiration were uneventful and my lymph was not as swollen. They say it is most likely lupus related.
Lily is scheduled to see an opthamologist and an allergist. We think she might have a lazy eye and she may be allergic to penicillen.
She is crawling around all over the place. She likes to get in the dogs' water bowl. Yesterday, she pulled herself up into a standing position. My baby girl is growing up so fast! She is a pretty good eater; her favorite foods are cheesy poofs, yogurt, pancakes, rice krispy cereal, spaghettios.

I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right
Did I remember to sleep in
Take lots of pills
Commit irreversible sins
Did I at least try to kiss the prettiest girl
At the right time
Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine
Did I remember to say cheers
Did I at least try to make sure everybody had a good time
Had the best time
Did I remember to stay up late
Drinking for the fun
Drinking for the taste
Did I run outside to kiss the rain
Under electrical skies
I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right

Alkaline Trio - I'm Dying Tomorrow

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunny Day

Ok, maybe I am a bit of a drama queen.

It looks like everything is going as planned. For our new home, we just need to sell the current home and then we can close. The sellers will be out by 6 April... However, the buyers have run into a few obstacles. The main one being he changed jobs right before he put an offer on our home and the bank is needing 4 pay stubs when he only has 2. We hope that the underwriters will waive the 4 paystubs and go with the 2. If not, we won't move in until the end of April. It kind of sucks because I've set up utilities for the new home, the packers and cleaners are already scheduled to come in the current home, the dogs have boarding reservations and we have a hotel reservation. Hopefully on Monday, we will learn if the bank approved the waiver. If not, we will reschedule everything... yikes...
We may not go to San Fran if things get pushed back. It is fine, we have refundable tickets and can use that extra money for when we go to Colorado to visit Nana... I doubt Rob's dad would have made it to San Fran anyways.

Today was a nice day. We went up to Hampton to the Barnes and Noble. We like that area. It is so nice. We parked at the bookstore and decided to walk around and look at all the stores first and then do the bookstore last. When we made it through the other side, the park was set up for Alice in Wonderland... they were going to have an easter egg hunt. We decided to take our time in the area and eat lunch so we could go to the hunt... my idea... Rob did not want to. Well, when it was time for the hunt, they let the little kids go first, or else they would get nothing...
Well, we went, but got nothing... The parents were so greedy, grabbing all the eggs and filling the baskets... It was not a big deal... that's what you get with some people when it involves free stuff.... greedy bastards. And then they did not want to move out of the way to let everyone off the park, so they could set up for the older kids.

We ate a Mongolian grill. We saw the sign and decided that's what we wanted. As we were walking into the building, I noticed the sign said bd's mongolian grill and thought it was odd. When we went in, turned out I was the only Asian person inside the whole place. We were kind of put off by the Americanization of the place. The food tasted alright, but we won't be going again as it was not what we expect from a Mongolian grill.