Thursday, January 3, 2013

a good start

As the holiday routine ends, we can get back onto schedule.  I prefer to stay on task, most of the time.

For Christmas, DH got me an armband that tracks calories, steps, and even my sleep.  It's supposed to aid in my weight loss goal.

We are back on track in going to the gym, now that sickness and holiday is over.  And while I did not go to the gym for a few weeks, nor did I watch my calories, I was able to lose another pound.  I'll just look at it as a fluke and hopefully my being back to the gym and watching my calories, I can lose more weight!

Along with the working out, I've been doing more in the kitchen.  Usually DH cooks, but I decided I can do the mise en place, but then I realized, heck I can cook this!  I made porkchops with pineapple chutney the other day.  Today I made some foccacia bread and chicken pot pie.  I enjoy trying new recipes.

And for another health part, I've been flossing.  I know that it seems like duh, but I'm very bad about it. But since I was diagnosed with gum disease and having to get scaling every 3 months, I've decided flossing is a great idea!

DD started back to school today.  Well, they didn't really have class, they had a field trip to a gymnastics place.  She enjoyed it.  I was looking at the brochure and they offer classes for kids starting at 18 months.  I am thinking I will enroll DS, so he can have something to do.  While I would love to have both kids do it, DD is in dance right now.

We may start back going to the library once a week soon.  I've decided the kids watch too much television!  It's bad when the first thing in the morning DD asks to watch tv and has a meltdown when I say no.  Today they went all day.  I finally turned it on while cooking, but turned it off when it was time to eat.  The kids have so many toys, games, and books, they don't need to be watching tv.

So, my first few days of the new year have been going well.  I hope to keep things up.

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