Friday, December 28, 2012


It's nearly the end of the year!

I am hoping to make resolutions or goals and to stick to them.

I started going to the gym in October and I hope to maintain working out and eating healthier and losing weight.  DH got me an armband that tracks calories and steps and stuff.  He also got me a food scale so I can make sure I am eating the proper portions.  I'm still going to do slim fast for a while longer.

One of my main goals is to stick to a schedule.  I loosely follow a schedule, but I want to be more rigid.  Not to the exact second, but keep up with housework, do things with the kids, etc.  I'm going to write chores on the calendar and have a weekly To Do list and hopefully stick to that.  I might reward myself once a month for keeping to the schedule.

Another thing I want to do is stick to the budget.  It's been hard going from 2 incomes to one and still wanting to shop.  I look at our bank statement and get disgusted by all the money we waste on going out to eat or buying other frivolous crap.  I will meal plan and use coupons when available.  I hope to do the big grocery shopping around paydays and then getting perishables such as produce and bread when needed.  I would love to do the freezer meals, but we don't have the space.

I would also like to read a book a month.  It took over a year to finish The Game of Thrones series, mostly because I would forget to read.  I'd just veg out on Facebook or in front of the television. I have to finish MockingJay before the end of the year so I can start fresh!

Another thing I'd like to do is keep up with the blog, I guess that would go under keeping a schedule.  I may not post too much personal stuff, but more like blog about crafts or recipes and maybe the books I read.

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