Thursday, October 25, 2012

My wish was not granted

DD has long curly hair that gets tangled.  I try to keep it up and out of her face so it does not get messy and so it's not a tempting pull toy for DS.  Brushing her hair has become a battle.  She cries at the thought of having to get her hair brushed.

I was flipping through a catalogue from One Step Ahead, which is a great catalogue with neat things for parents.  I came across something called the Knot Genie and after reading what it promised, I decided I would try it.  Anything is better than a crying child!

I used it this morning, but DD didn't want her hair brush, so she feigned pain.

I then used it after her bath on wet hair, and it worked fine.  I then dried her hair and used it again.  And I found this brush to be mediocre...

It is made of cheap plastic.  The brush resembles a pet brush and seeing the hair in the brush made me think of the dog's brush we had.  After brushing DD's hair, I learned that the brush is actually two pieces.  It came apart in my hands after a few strokes.  In addition to it coming it apart, it just does not feel right to me.  I am used to something with a handle, but this I had to spread my hand over the brush.  Maybe because I have arthritis, I just did not find holding it very comfortable.

Oh and while I was putting DD's hair in a ponytail, we came across some tangles and she cried!  She tried to be brave, but this brush did not work like it claims to or maybe I can't use it correctly.

I will try to use it again, but if it comes apart on me again, I may contact the manufacturer.

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Lazy Bone said...

Poor Baby. Brushing hurts!