Friday, October 19, 2012


It's Friday! Like that means anything to a SAHM, LOL!

We got our good news.  We put our home up for sale as soon as DH received orders to Milwaukee.  We had to do a short sale since the property values dropped almost immediately after we purchased our home.  While we had a few showings while we were living in the house, we did not receive any offers.  It was quite difficult keeping it show ready and not cluttered with two small children in the house.  After we left, we finally received an offer back in July.  We had to jump through so many hoops for the offer to be accepted.  Yesterday, the new homeowner finally closed.  We were putting about $200 a month towards the house to keep it in good condition, with utilities.

We understand this will have a negative impact on our credit report, but we could not rent it out to pay the mortgage and we could not go Geo because the housing allowance amount was about $300 less in Milwaukee.

We should find out in December if DH makes the revised cut for E7.  We are thinking we'd like to stay another year if we can.  We like the area.  We may have different thoughts after the winter, LOL.  The only thing I am worried about is if the homeowner we are renting from decides not to rent another year.  It will be a lot of hard work to move all of our stuff.  So hopefully, the homeowner will keep the place for rent for at least another year.

Exercising is going well.  DS has been having some separation anxiety, but once I leave, he does well.  He does better with DD, but she has schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This morning I was quite exhausted.  Last night, we got our flu shots and DS nursed all night long.  I decided to go to Zumba.  I took an advil before leaving.  I don't know how, but exercising gave me more energy and I feel pretty good.  I may go back this evening for Family swim with DD; if she behaves.

We may go to the zoo this weekend, it is supposed to be nice.  It's been kind of dreary the past few days, but I guess we need the rain.  I think we will do a picnic again.  And then get the yummy ice cream.  We've been getting the use out of our membership.  I can't wait to go when the snow is on the ground and see the polar bears!

Next weekend starts the Halloween festivities.  We have a party with the mom's group, and then trick or treating at the zoo, DD has a party at school, and our friend T invited us to go trick or treating in her neighborhood.

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Jaime Blaquera said...

Trick or treating at the zoo, how cool is that..