Friday, October 12, 2012

a little progress...

On Tuesday, I met with a Results Coordinator from the gym.  We checked my weight and she asked me what my goals were and why I joined the gym.  Since I want to lose weight and be healthy, she drew a triangle and said fitness and losing weight were like a triangle.  Nutrition being 80% was on the bottom of the triangle and then cardio and strength took up the other sides.  She also told me I should do cardio at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes each and strength training twice a week for 30 minutes.   She mentioned that I should not do the strength training two days in a row.  I found her to be very helpful.  Since we had some time, she showed me how some of the equipment worked.  I then signed up for a few personal training sessions.

I also signed up for my fitness pal.  It keeps track of the food I eat and my exercise activity.

We had our first session this morning.  It was hard, but I feel good.  And then I weighed myself and I lost 3 pounds since Tuesday.  Yay!

I find it humorous that DH cheats to lose weight.  He takes laxative or drinks shakes to make him poop and then he makes weight until the next weigh in.  I, on the other hand, have decided to work for my weight loss by actually watching what I eat and exercising.

Because the session was this morning, I had to wake DS and he did not get his morning nursing session, so he was not a happy camper in the child watch area.

After the gym, I was brave and went to Costco with the kids.  We usually do those kinds of things on the weekend, when DH is home, but I wanted to get a few things and avoid the crowds.  While the drive is about 45 minutes each way, the actual shopping part was stress free.  The kids behaved and we did not have to wait to check out.  I think I may do this more.

I'm hoping to have good news to share on the 18th.

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