Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's been about two weeks since I joined the gym and things are going well.  It's become part of our routine.  After breakfast, we head out either to they gym or we take DD to school first, depending on the day.  Because I am incorporating it as part of my routine, I don't think about trying to get out of it.  I actually look forward to going to the gym.  We aren't going today because the library has story time and DD has a medical appointment.

DS has been having some separation anxiety which makes it a little difficult.  Usually he's fine with DD with him, but yesterday, DD was at school and he started crying before I put him down on the floor, once he realized where we were.  He was fine after I left.  But as soon as he saw me when I came back for him, he started the water works.

Hoping to have good news tomorrow.

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